New website pushes for openness in Salida city government

From The Mountain Mail (Salida):  They have a website and a Facebook page. They call themselves a group of citizens who care about openness in government, and they say they are upset about the departure of City Administrator Dara MacDonald and the manner in which decisions were made by Mayor Jim LiVecchi and city council.

Their website is also their rallying cry to “Save our Salida.” The home page of says, “Save Our Salida is for Citizens of Salida, Colorado, to share information on city related issues and concerns to facilitate transparency in government and open communication.”

The website includes letters relating to the application and review process for the city’s attorney and complaints filed against the city in the past several months, as well as the written responses from the former city administrator.

Also uploaded are records the group obtained through the Colorado Open Records Act, which include 2½ years of complaints filed against MacDonald. The new site also contains videos of the past two city council sessions.

In creating the website and the group, the Save Our Salida group says it is concerned that while the number of complaints has been noted in city records, the fact is that many of them come from very few people.

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