New governor’s website focuses on transparency

The Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction): Gov. John Hickenlooper wants everyone in the state to know just where his priorities lie.

To help achieve that, the governor and his staff unveiled a new interactive website at that not only highlights those priorities, but where the state departments he controls stand in achieving them.

But while some Colorado residents may agree with some of his priorities and whether they are adequately being addressed, others might not.

One of the first ones, for example, is under the category of economic and infrastructure development, or more specifically, broadband.

The governor’s website indicates the state is on track with meeting goals that have been set by law, such as seeing an 11 percentage point improvement — 59 percent to 70 percent — in rural households with access to basic broadband.

The website says the governor wants to get that to 85 percent by 2018.

“We are going to be transparent about what’s working and what’s not working,” said Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne, who unveiled the new website to state lawmakers on Wednesday. “Part of the thinking around this was, in government we have lots of departments that have these big acronyms and nobody necessarily knows what they do or what it means. What the public really wants to understand is, are you spending my money well as a taxpayer, and are you doing things in some of the key areas that I as a consumer think you should?”

Lynne, who also acts as the governor’s chief operating officer, said the website is designed to improve transparency, and allow Colorado residents to provide feedback to help improve state services and meet stated goals.

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