More LGBTQ book removals demanded in Douglas County, but most residents at meeting resist

Colorado Newsline: The safety of “children’s innocence” from what some residents insist are “pornographic” and “sexually explicit” books — all LGBTQ themed — was the topic of public comment in the Douglas County Libraries Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday. It was the third month in a row residents voiced such concerns at the board’s meetings.

A minority of residents demanded the removal of certain LGBTQ books they claim are in the children’s section, are grooming children, and have no value, while the majority of residents present, and library administrators, pushed back.

Bob Pasicznyuk, executive library director of Douglas County Libraries, referring to the demand of removing books from the children’s section, spoke at the beginning of the meeting and reiterated that young adult nonfiction books have always been shelved in the adult section “just as a matter of custom. We’ve done it at each of our locations.”

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