Mom of teen killed in police shooting sues CSU for transparency, not cash

Westword (Denver): Susan Holmes, the mother of Jeremy Holmes, a nineteen-year-old killed by police officers near the CSU campus last year, has filed a lawsuit against the university over the matter. But instead of seeking a big payout for tragic actions she believes were completely avoidable, she wants authorities at the campus to turn over documents related to the investigation, as well as a video that authorities have repeatedly refused to make public.

“The impetus for filing this lawsuit is not monetarily based,” says Julian G.G. Wolfson, the namesake for the Law Office of Julian G.G. Wolfson, LLC, who’s representing Susan Holmes. “The big, motivating factor behind her pursuit is transparency, and the belief that the decision to deny the records request appears to be arbitrary and capricious.”

The complaint is accessible below. When asked about it, CSU spokesperson Mike Hooker noted via email that “CSU does not comment on pending legal matters.”

Susan isn’t talking about the suit, either, leaving such discussions to Wolfson. But for an October post, she went into detail about Jeremy and the July 1, 2017, incident that took his life.

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