Mom of teen killed by cops continues fight over body-camera video

Westword (Denver): The August 3 fatal police shooting of nineteen-year-old De’Von Bailey in Colorado Springs focused new attention on body-camera video, with the late teen’s family calling out authorities for releasing edited material they say has been doctored to support the law enforcement narrative of events rather than sharing raw footage.

This complaint definitely resonates with Susan Holmes. She’s been making similar arguments ever since her nineteen-year-old son, Jeremy Holmes, nineteen, was killed by police near Colorado State University’s campus just over two years ago. In late 2018, she filed suit against CSU over the shooting, but her demand wasn’t for cash. Instead, she requested transparency, calling on the court to, among other things, compel the university to release unedited video related to the case, including body-camera footage from an officer who responded to the scene but didn’t fire her weapon.

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