Mom battles power plant over pollution records

From 9NEWS (Denver): A mother, who is also an attorney, is taking on the Martin Drake Power Plant in a battle over pollution records.

Leslie Weise filed suit against Colorado Springs Utilities, which is city owned, because it is not releasing a study about how much sulfur dioxide is being released from the coal power plant.

Sulfur dioxide is a toxic gas that can prompt asthma attacks and other breathing problems.

“There are about 40 different schools within a five mile radius of this plant,” Weise said.  “That concerns me as a mother, as a lawyer and as a citizen who breathes the air from this plant.”

Weise said the utility had the study conducted by a third party after the Environmental Protection Agency re-evaluated how it was enforcing sulfur dioxide standards.

A city attorney would not disclose the results of the study claiming they are “privileged,” Weise said.

A spokesperson for the utility who would not get into the specifics of the public records battle.

“Because Ms. Weiss, an out-of-town attorney, elected to pursue litigation, we are unable to comment on this matter at this time,” Amy Trinidad said in a written statement.

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