Military Religious Freedom Foundation sues Air Force Academy over records

From the Colorado Springs Independent: Enough is enough, says the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Today, the nonprofit filed a federal lawsuit against the Air Force and the Air Force Academy over failure to disclosure documents sought under the Freedom of Information Act.

Specifically, in 2011 MRFF sought records of MRFF’s founder, Mikey Weinstein, and his family members, including two sons who graduated from the academy as did their father, and his wife, as well as David Mullin, a longtime MRFF client and former professor of economics at the academy.

The records request came after sources told Weinstein the former dean of faculty, Brig. Gen. Dana Born, had ordered a COIN against MRFF and Weinstein, meaning counter insurgency. (Born is no longer at the academy.)

It’s the latest volley in a long-standing acrimonious relationship between the academy and MRFF, which was founded because of the favoritism being shown fundamentalist Christian beliefs by faculty, staff and cadets. That favoritism is well documented in periodic “climate surveys” conducted by the academy. Former Superintendent Lt. Gen. John Rosa acknowledged the problem and tried to tackle it before retiring in 2005. MRFF has seen some success since then, but continues to represent hundreds of “clients” at the academy and other bases in the area, not to mention thousands across the globe.

Visit the Colorado Springs Independent for more.

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