Meeting without minutes raises Sunshine Law questions

From the Columbine Courier (South Jefferson County):  The Littleton City Council didn’t keep minutes of a meeting during which it interviewed the seven candidates for an open council seat, a possible violation of the state Open Meetings Law.

The law states that “local public bodies must keep minutes of meetings where formal action does or could occur.” Since all six members of the council were present at the April 14 meeting, formal action could have been taken on the vacancy.

Littleton in the past has used video recordings of council meetings as minutes, but the April 14 meeting wasn’t recorded.

City spokeswoman Kelli Narde said she didn’t believe written minutes were kept but that the city did not violate the law. She pointed out that while council members expressed their first and second choices among the candidates, no official vote was taken during that meeting.

City Attorney Kristin Schledorn said the city acted within the law and the city charter. “When City Council does boards and commission interviews, they don’t keep minutes of the meeting,” Schledorn said. “(City Council) doesn’t do motions, resolutions or ordinances at the study sessions or at (vacancy and board) interviews.”

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