Media, House leadership clash over release of sexual harassment report

9NEWS (Denver): The case for expelling Rep. Steve Lebsock (D-Thornton) from the Colorado House of Representatives is based on a report by an outside investigator.

The accusers and Lebsock all got a copy of that report. But the lawmakers voting on whether to kick him out were not allowed to have copies– only to inspect them.

Members were allowed to go to a room to read a redacted copy and take notes. They were told they were not allowed to take pictures or make copies.

9NEWS and KCNC tried to get into that room Wednesday morning by using Colorado’s public meeting or “sunshine law.” That law says meetings between two or more lawmakers must be open to the public.

Democratic Majority Leader KC Becker threw us out of the room.

When the legislature’s lawyer explained that the media had to be allowed in to at least listen if lawmakers chose to discuss the report as they reviewed it together, Becker decided to change the rules– allowing only one lawmaker at a time to review it.

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