McIntryre and Wiggins: Why eliminate agenda publication?

Ouray County Plaindealer: You might notice something missing from this week’s edition of the Plaindealer.

Readers of this newspaper have, since at least 2007, seen the county commissioners’ full meeting agendas published here.

That’s not in here this week.

Just so there’s no confusion, we wanted to let you know it’s not a mistake.

We were notified this week the county would be “trying out” something new – a similar move to what the City of Ouray did earlier this year when it stopped publishing meeting agendas. Instead, the county has opted to publish a small box with a long web address for the link people can use to access the meeting remotely, as well as a sentence indicating the agenda will be published on the county’s website

Full disclosure – the agenda is published in paid advertising space in the newspaper. The Plaindealer makes money off those publications. Each publication costs, on average, around $200, depending on the size of the agenda.

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