Mayor Jacki Marsh and city of Loveland headed back to court over open records

Loveland Reporter-Herald: Mayor Jacki Marsh and the city of Loveland are at legal odds over another records request. In January, attorneys working on behalf of the city filed a petition in the 8th Judicial District over a request Marsh made in November for responses to an employee engagement survey.

The case is scheduled for a hearing on Feb. 28. Marsh will be represented by attorney Troy Krenning, a former Loveland city councilor.

“Once again they’re taking me to court, just like the text-gate,” she said, referring to a case between her and the city in 2022, concerning the release of text messages between another City Council member and a city employee. “They’re going to ask the judge to determine whether (the records) should be released or not. It’s actually them taking me to court. It’s the city of Loveland versus Jacki Marsh.”

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