Martinek: Technology is crucial to public meetings

Herald Democrat (Leadville): Elected bodies all over the country, in the wake of COVID-19, are looking at new ways to hold meetings and not violate their state’s open meetings laws. Those in Lake County are no different.

No longer is it enough to post a meeting notice on the front door or on the Internet and then gather with others for the meeting in question. For one thing, groups of more than ten people are currently not allowed in Colorado and last week, Governor Jared Polis issued a stay at home order for the entire state. When such a group does assemble, it must keep a distance of six feet between people. And older and more vulnerable members of the population are asked to stay home.

However if they’re held, these public meetings still need to be accessible to both the elected officials and the members of the public, if a quorum is present, whichever is fewer.

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