Martin: CU regents have let Trump’s administration get away with censorship of academic research

The Denver Post: You can’t have it both ways with the First Amendment.

But President Donald Trump is trying to do just that.

On the one hand, he issued an executive order that mandates free speech on college campuses.

On the other, Trump has created an atmosphere in which research scientists are subject to censorship of their results if they commit the grave sin of attributing any global warming to human activity.

Censorship is in contravention of the First Amendment, thus it’s hard to stomach that both actions came from the same person. When you censor somebody, there’s no free speech. The president is trying to apply First Amendment free-speech rights to students on campuses, only to deny such protections for academic researchers who should not be denied those rights.

If there is a free speech problem on campuses today that needs to be settled by executive order, then a concomitant executive order ought to be issued that there be no federal censorship related to any campus research.

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