Making board emails public an issue for Visit Estes Park officials

Estes Park Trail Gazette: There appears to be some confusion over the use of e-mail between Visit Estes Park Board of Director members.

Visit Estes Park Board of Directors Treasurer Charley Dickey and Chairman Steve Kruger recently swapped a series of e-mails on April 29 centered firmly on this issue. The e-mail string started over the setting of an alternate date for the May board meeting.

Kruger advised Dickey in the first e-mail to just reply with an alternate date and “stop trying to be difficult for the sake of being difficult.”

Dickey replied that he was not trying to be difficult and said he had already answered the question on the alternate dates.

Kruger then became upset with Dickey’s response and pointed out that he had placed “Private and Confidential” on the e-mail. He went on to say “stop complicating matters and offer dates available.”

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