Loveland tests limits of City Council email

From the Reporter-Herald (Loveland):  An external survey sought by Loveland City Manager Bill Cahill for his evaluation process has stirred questions and concerns among elected leaders about the process and confidentiality.

Those questions and concerns, in email form, have also generated discussion about the laws governing open records and open meetings.

The City Council oversees three city employees: the city manager, the municipal court judge and the city attorney. Councilors will hold a closed-door meeting after their regular City Council meeting Tuesday night to discuss the results of the evaluation surveys.

City Council members formed a subcommittee this year to work with consultant Jo Mattoon (paid $3,000) on the employees’ evaluations.

Councilors didn’t want the evaluation process to go through the Human Resources Department because its director reports to Cahill, and helping to process evaluations for one’s supervisor would seem to be a conflict of interest, they said. However, the department did coordinate with the consultant.

In addition to representation from HR and Mattoon, councilors Don Overcash, Dave Clark, Leah Johnson and Rich Ball served on the subcommittee.

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