Longmont library creates program to help people decipher real and fake news

9NEWS (Denver): You can’t trust everything you read online. Fake news has become a huge problem in this day and age. It’s been around for awhile, but was really brought to light during the presidential election.

The Longmont Library wants to help people decipher between what’s real – and what’s not.

“It seemed a natural fit for libraries. We saw it as an opportunity to help educate the public on media literacy and information literacy, and how you go about discerning what news has a bias, what news is the source,” said Josie Brockmann, the reference librarian and adult programming manager at the library.

Brockman read a recent Stanford study that said students are often getting duped by fake news so she organized a program called “The Real Story Behind Fake News.”

University of Colorado instructor will be showing examples fake news and explain ways people can identify it.

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