Longmont City Council considers criminal justice records fees changes

Times-Call (Longmont): Longmont City Council on Tuesday is set to consider updating a years-old set of fees the city charges people who request criminal justice records.

The current fee schedule “does not take into consideration increases in actual cost of providing information” to people seeking those records, and does not address “costs associated with digital audio/video files,” according to a Department of Public Safety staff memo.

Under a fee schedule last updated in August 2008, Longmont now charges a $5 “research, retrieval and redaction fee” for criminal, non-criminal and accident reports, plus a 25 cents per page copying fee for each single-sided page.

Under the fee updates resolution set for council action on Tuesday, Longmont could charge $30 per hour for spending more than 15 minutes of time researching and redacting records before providing copies, as well as $5.25 for the first page of the copy of an accident or police report and 25 cents for each additional page.

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