Logins from Ashley Madison hack include Colorado state, city and school district email addresses

From 7NEWS (Denver):  When you use the Ashley Madison website to cheat on your spouse, that’s your business, but when the logins are based on city, state and school district email addresses, it becomes our business.

Hackers stole data from the Ashley Madison website and threatened to reveal personal user information if the company did not shut down the site. Those hackers released the information of 32 million users earlier in the week.

Metropolitan State University Computer Science Professor Steve Beaty scoured the data and found accounts created with email addresses ending in “co.us,” meaning they were emails issued by Colorado taxpayer-funded entities.

“The largest number were from the generic ‘state.co.us,’,” said Beaty. “Number two was the Jefferson County School District,” he added.

In a review of the data that dates back seven years, Beaty found 10 email addresses connected to “state.co.us,” which could be any state employee. There were also other state suffixes, such as “dot.state.co.us” –- which refers to an old Department of Transportation address, and “doc.state.co.us” — which refers to an old Department of Corrections email address.

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