Littwin: The problem with CU President Mark Kennedy is not just that he was hired, but how he was hired

The Colorado Sun: It’s a good thing that Mark Kennedy is stepping down as president of the University of Colorado. He was the wrong president at the wrong time, a former right-wing politician with a shaky resumé who never gained the trust of students, faculty and, for all I know, school mascots. 

And now that Democrats have gained a majority of the Board of Regents for the first time in 40 years, it was clear that Kennedy, who was very much a partisan hire, was on his way out after just two years on the job.

Kennedy’s problems were no secret. There was a huge outcry when he was hired, and the outcry wouldn’t end until he announced his coming departure. Jim Martin, a former CU regent, gave a fair look at Kennedy’s many shortcomings in an op-ed for the Denver Post. Or you could just rely on the CU-Boulder faculty group’s censure or the student-government censure. The faculty assembly censure was the first in school history.

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