Libraries sue Elbert County commissioners over censorship fears

9NEWS (Denver): The people who run Elbert County’s libraries are suing because they don’t want politicians determining who is in charge of what people read.

Libraries in Elbert County are suing county commissioners who want to take a stronger role in determining who is appointed to lead boards and commissions.

Next reported last month that the three new Republican commissioners voted to approve a policy that states appointments to boards or committees are to be “generally reflective of the overall citizenry of the county.”

Now, Pines and Plains Libraries, which are part of the Elbert County Library District, are suing the board of county commissioners. The libraries want an injunction to stop the commissioners from interfering with its board of trustees.

“If politicians were allowed to stack our board of trustees with people who agreed with their viewpoint then the risk of censorship would be increased dramatically for us,” Pines and Plains Director Tim Miller told Next. “In other words, the county commissioners, or even a municipal board, would be able to censor the information we are able to provide.”

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