Lawsuit: Strasburg fire district board’s closed-door talks on vehicle repairs should’ve been public

Denver7: A nonprofit has filed a civil complaint alleging that the Strasburg Fire Protection District board of directors violated the state’s open meetings law by discussing topics in a closed-door meeting that should have been open to the public.

Friends of Strasburg Fire, a nonprofit made of community members, volunteer firefighters and others who want to promote the district’s safe and ethical operation, claimed that the fire district board violated the Colorado Open Meetings Law (COML) at an August meeting. The purpose of COML is to ensure public access to meetings where public business is being discussed and to allow residents to educate themselves on the happenings of their community.

The Strasburg Fire Protection District provides emergency services to portions of Adams and Arapahoe Counties east of Denver. It is governed by a board of directors, consisting of five people elected into the position by the residents of Strasburg.

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