Law would add details to utility bills

The Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction): Colorado residents soon could get more details about the power they use and how much money they are paying for it under a bill the Colorado Senate is to debate later this week.

The measure, SB105, would require all investor-owned utilities in the state such as Xcel Energy to provide comprehensive billing statements, ones that include line items of all charges.

Sen. Leroy Garcia, D-Pueblo, the main sponsor of the bill, said the idea is intended to bring more transparency to utility bills.

“Electric bills are confusing,” Garcia told the Senate Agriculture, Natural Resources & Energy Committee last week. “They are unclear, they lack detail and you just see the end result, which is what you’re going to end up paying.”

The bill would require the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, which oversees utility rates, to approve a final format for the new bills, but they must include such things as:

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