Landmark police reform law from 2020 would get a boost under follow-up legislation

Colorado Newsline: Last June, as protests in Denver, Minneapolis and across the nation highlighted police violence and racial injustice, the Colorado General Assembly passed landmark legislation aimed at holding law enforcement officers accountable for wrongdoing.

Now, that 2020 law’s Democratic House sponsor, Rep. Leslie Herod of Denver, is following up with another wide-ranging bill. With House Bill 21-1250, Herod is working with Rep. Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez, another Denver Democrat, to address a variety of issues with last year’s Senate Bill 20-217.

The pair also hope to strengthen that 2020 law — also sponsored by Senate President Leroy Garcia — with new provisions. They include expanding the circumstances in which officers must turn on their body cameras and opening up the Colorado State Patrol to potential lawsuits over officer misconduct, in the same way SB-217 added civil liability for local law enforcement agencies.

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