Judge dismisses lawsuit by Elbert County resident who claimed harassment over his CORA requests

From The Denver Post:  Don Pippin’s battle against the Elbert County commissioners appears to be over.

A U.S. District judge last week tossed a lawsuit against the Elbert County Commissioners filed by Pippin, who claimed he was harassed over his constant open records requests.

The latest court actions ends a two-year battle between Pippin and the commissioners that saw Elbert County seek a restraining order against Pippin. The order was eventually tossed out and Pippin sued the board in U.S. District Court in Denver.

Pippin said the board called him a “homegrown terrorist” after Pippin was seen taking pictures of the security system at the Elbert County administrative building in April 2012. Pippin said he was doing so as part of an open records request to obtain the cost of the system.

County Commissioner Kurt Schlegel said he felt Pippin was “casing” the building and that he believed county employees felt threatened by Pippin’s action.

But a senior U.S. District judge granted the county’s motion to end the lawsuit.

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