Judge bans Newsweek from courthouse after reporter IDs theater trial juror in a tweet

From CU News Corps: Twitter is like that popular girl  you didn’t trust but you made friends with anyway.  Her friendship got you a place at the cool cafeteria table, but one bad move and you were stuck by yourself with your sack lunch.

A respected and experienced Newsweek reporter made a bad move on Twitter Thursday in the mad scramble to report the theater shooting trial verdict. Now Nina Burleigh is taking her lumps over a split-second decision social media blunder.

Judge Carlos Samour put out an official order banning her and any other Newsweek reporter from the courthouse for the duration of the trial.

“Newsweek and its reporters should have known better,” he wrote.

Juror 737’s voice was trembling yesterday as he told a closed courtroom that he had been ID’ed in the tweet by Newsweek.  The tweet had a link to a story, which also ID’ed him, on the guilty verdict rendered by the jury.  His name was tweeted in cyberspace and then broadcast over and over.

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