Josh Vigil police shooting and why body-cam video hasn’t been released

Westword (Denver): The August 3 shooting of De’Von Bailey by Colorado Springs police officers has received national attention and prompted a call for an independent investigation by Governor Jared Polis, largely because of body-camera video that showed the nineteen-year-old being gunned down from behind as he was fleeing.

But even though Springs cops killed Josh Vigil, 38, a week and a half earlier, on July 23, no such footage of his homicide has been publicly shared. Instead, the main document available is an autopsy report that graphically describes how Vigil died after being shot twenty times.

“They got him in the head, in the chest and the back of the neck,” says Vigil’s daughter, Brittni Reed. “All three of those are kill shots, but they kept going after that. So I think they haven’t released it because they know they were wrong, and they don’t want the public to see that they were wrong.”

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