Jeffco school board president rethinks executive session on open records/open meetings advice

From The Complete Colorado:  It’s been just under a month since an entirely new board was elected to govern Jefferson County Public Schools, and the five new board members have not wasted any time when it comes to undoing the work of the previous board.

With their first regular meeting agenda out, it looks like they are also skirting a number of their campaign promises. All 14 action items are on the consent agenda – a process used to approve several items at once without discussion or individual motions and that do not require an explanation as to the reason.

An executive session to discuss open meetings law effectively closes the door on the public.

Board president Ron Mitchell said Wednesday, however, that he has rethought the executive session, and another board member is likely to ask for one of the items to be pulled from the consent agenda and placed back on the regular agenda where it will get full discussion and public comment.

The executive session item is ironic in that it is “to receive legal advice on the Colorado Open Meetings Law and the Colorado Open Records Act.” It also includes discussion on “conflicts of interest and standards of conduct for local public officials, and relevant board and district policies related to same.”

Mitchell has changed the plan for how to handle the executive session, he said.

“We realized that we have created an issue for some people,” he said. “So we have developed a compromise.”

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