It’s not just the president; who are Hickenlooper, Hancock blocking on Twitter?

9NEWS (Denver): Elected representatives put up with a lot. At times, they have to deal with an electorate that is unhappy with their work. At meetings, they get an earful. When they open their email, angry ALL CAPS emails could await.

Online, social media has many keyboard warriors. Twitter and Facebook allow users to block other users.

But this week, a federal judge ruled that President Trump cannot block people on Twitter, after getting sued by some of those who had blocked.

Next wanted to know who our local representatives are blocking.

9WantsToKnow requested the accounts blocked by Gov. John Hickenlooper and Denver Mayor Michael Hancock.

Hickenlooper banned 65 accounts on Facebook, but none on Twitter. His most recent ban was June 2014.

“If we question a post because it involves threatening language or obscenities, the communications team gets together to discuss the issue and determine next steps,” said Hickenlooper spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery.

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