It’s not always easy to contact Boulder County-area advisory board members

Times-Call (Longmont): Volunteers board and commission members who advise Longmont and Boulder County policymakers have an extra layer of protection from being contacted by the public than their city of Boulder counterparts.

The distinction is likely to remain, according to officials.

While Boulder since 2013 has listed on its website phone numbers for most residents serving on the more than 20 boards and commissions that guide decisions by city staff and elected council members, and provides personal email addresses for practically all of them, members of the public looking to catch up with members of similar Longmont or Boulder County boards might just have to go to their monthly meetings.

Those with questions, concerns or input on the activity of Longmont and Boulder County boards and commissions, instead of being able to get directly in touch with members by glancing at public websites, are asked to contact a staff liaison to set up a talk.

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