Investigators won’t release video of alleged police beating of La Junta man

From KOAA5 (southern Colorado): State investigators have turned over their findings to a special prosecutor after looking into a suspected case of police abuse out of Otero County last month.  Donovan Duran told News 5 Investigates that the La Junta Police beat him so badly that he was left paralyzed.

“They tackled me to the floor, they put all their pressure on top of me with their knees, they put their knee in my back,” Duran said.

The alleged incident took place after Duran had been handcuffed by officers and was driven to the Arkansas Valley Medical Center. Duran has since hired Mike McDivitt to represent him in a potential lawsuit.

McDivitt said hospital surveillance video and officer body cameras likely recorded the incident, but investigators won’t give him access unless he sues.

“We met originally, early on Mr. Duran and I, with the two members, two gentlemen, with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and I had the impression we were going to get their report,”

In their denial letter sent Wednesday, the CBI references provisions of the state sunshine law that allow law enforcement agencies to restrict access to Criminal Justice Records when the agency believes their release would be contrary to the public interest.

The letter specifically states that the public release of their documents could impact the integrity of the investigation and subsequent prosecution, as well as privacy interests of the parties involved.

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