How are Colorado schools doing? Advocates say the state still holds back too much data

Chalkbeat Colorado: The premise behind Colorado’s open enrollment system is that parents and students can choose the schools that best meet their needs.

But Latino parents looking for a school for their daughter would not be able to see what percentage of Latino students are meeting state standards at 31 schools in Jeffco or at 26 schools in Denver. African-American parents cannot see similar data for nine schools in Aurora and for 11 schools in District 11 in Colorado Springs.

These information gaps are why a broad coalition of civil rights groups and education advocates are pressing the Colorado Department of Education to make more information about student performance available to the public.

In a new Right to Know Report Card released Tuesday, they argue that while Colorado does an excellent job protecting individual student data, it could do a lot more to help the public understand how well schools are working for groups of students that traditionally have not been well served.

Among the areas in which Colorado is falling short, according to the coalition:

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