Harden: The Douglas County school board can’t hide this schism

The Denver Post: It hasn’t taken very long for the Douglas County School District Board of Education’s new conservative majority to put its stamp on Colorado’s third-largest school district. But now, in a shocking development, one faction on the board is accusing the new members of brazenly violating the spirit and letter of Colorado’s open meetings laws.

The seven-member board’s four new members — Mike Peterson, Becky Myers, Christy Williams, and Kaylee Winegar — were elected as a reform slate in November, challenging the previous board’s policies on a host of issues, including COVID-19 mask mandates and racial equity.

Colorado school board races can be sleepy affairs. But in an off-off-year election cycle, the 2021 Douglas County school contests drew unusually heavy interest as well as more campaign cash raised and spent — a total of about $346,000 – than any other board races in the state.

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