Greeley City Council to consider changing how police record requests are handled

The Complete Colorado: The Greeley City Council will consider whether to make changes to how the city handles police records requests from the media after Complete Colorado filed a complaint with the city over the police report concerning former House District 50 Representative Rochelle Galindo.

Galindo, who was facing a recall for her seat but resigned in May amid accusations of sexual assault, was investigated by police after two women who worked on Galindo’s campaign, both under 21, went to police claiming Galindo had given them alcohol and then had sex with them during her campaign.

Galindo was eventually charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. She was not charged with sexual assault as the victim chose not to pursue charges.

When the heavily redacted final police report was released, many media outlets in the state questioned Complete Colorado reporter Sherrie Peif about her role in the investigation, with some initially falsely reporting Peif was the person who filed the complaint. All reports were corrected almost immediately after getting clarification from Greeley Police Chief Mark Jones that Peif played no role in the accusations or as a witness.

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