Grand Junction maintains that omitted email was an accident

The Daily Sentinel (Grand Junction): The city of Grand Junction is sticking to its story that an email left out of a recent open records request was an accident, despite long odds that that’s actually the case.

Councilor Phyllis Norris failed to turn over an email that detailed her response to a resident who was pushing for council to read a wide-ranging proclamation of inclusivity.

That email to resident Keira Havens reads in part, “I as a white woman do not believe the very people you claim to be discriminated against have a right to discriminate against me and to do their best to bully me because I am of the opinion that all people deserve to be respected.”

The email was not included in a more than 500-page response to a Daily Sentinel request for open records related to the inclusivity proclamation.

It was later provided after the Sentinel asked about its existence, with Norris apologizing for “overlooking” the email.

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