Gottlieb: The banning of Brandon Pryor

Boardhawk: Over the past five years, Brandon Pryor has been the most consistent and vociferous critic of Denver Public Schools leadership. He uses blunt, forceful language, with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer.

He does this consciously and deliberately. He ruffles feathers and hurts feelings. “It’s eye-opening. It’s shocking some of the stuff I say, but that doesn’t make it wrong,” Pryor told me this week. “I do this because I feel these people are oppressing our black community and they need to be called out.”

Pryor, who is Black, called former Superintendent Tom Boasberg a racist and a white supremacist. He called Boasberg’s successor, Susana Cordova, an upholder of oppressive systems. He has had well-publicized run-ins with a number of school board members over the years.

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