Gottlieb: DPS strike coverage was local news at its best

Colorado Media Project: There hadn’t been a teacher strike in Denver in 25 years, so this week’s walkout was a big deal, and received heavy local and national coverage. Locally, it was hard to find a news organization that didn’t cover the story. But three outlets — and in particular three reporters — went above and beyond the call of duty.

As the strike entered its third day on Wednesday, both sides sensed a deal was within reach. Negotiators met in a room of the Denver Central Library, and then split off to caucus elsewhere in the building, leaving supporters and reporters alike to cool their heels for hours at a time with no updates.

For nearly 24 hours, Jenny Brundin of Colorado Public Radio (@CPRBrundin), Melanie Asmar of Chalkbeat (@MelanieAsmar), and Elizabeth Hernandez of The Denver Post (@ehernandez) camped out in that basement room, tweeting every new development, and keeping their sizable core of followers up to date on the progress of negotiations.

There’s a certain beauty in that, isn’t there? Reporters from a public radio station, a major metro daily newspaper, and a digital education news nonprofit — representing three distinct business models for local news — demonstrating true dedication to their craft, and keeping the public well informed. And while traditionally reporters on the same beat tend to be competitive, there was plenty of mutual appreciation among these three — as well as other journalists in Colorado.

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