Gottlieb: ‘Community-focused’ DPS board pulls plug on community for its first meeting

Boardhawk: Denver’s new “union supermajority” (per board member Tay Anderson) school board got off to a bad start today by declining to livestream its first-ever meeting, a daylong retreat, despite positioning itself as the most community-responsive group of individuals ever to hold board seats.

Reasons given for limiting access to those members of the public who could show up in person at 8 a.m. ranged from wanting to give new board members a “safe space” (board President Xochitl Gaytán) to “retreats were never live streamed pre-pandemic” (district communications office, quoting the district’s chief of staff). 

Last I checked, we were still in a pandemic, so that excuse doesn’t hold water. And pandemic-era retreats HAVE been live-streamed.

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