Frustrated Arapahoe High parents seek transparency after shooting

From The Denver Post:  It was not the December shooting at Arapahoe High that made Jennifer Campo move her daughter out of the district she has attended since elementary school.

Campo doesn’t blame administrators for the day that student Karl Pierson charged into the school with a shotgunand killed himself and his classmate, Claire Davis. But she does blame the school and the district for the lack of communication and the failure to address safety concerns in the weeks after the Dec. 13 shooting.

“If you can’t tell me as an adult the truth and you can’t have full disclosure with us as parents, then how am I supposed to trust you to take care of my child?” said Campo, who earlier this month moved her daughter into Jefferson County Public Schools.

Two months after the Arapahoe shooting, parents are calling on school officials to acknowledge any failures in how administrators dealt with a September threat from Pierson against his speech and debate coach, Tracy Murphy, and to outline changes that are being made to keep children at the school safe.

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