Friednash: Denver Public Schools leadership should resign

The Denver Post: The sideshow has taken over the Denver Public School circus. The release of video footage from the board’s 5-hour illegal executive session in March provides yet another profound reason why this board and its leadership must resign and begin to restore the public’s trust and the institution’s integrity.

After news outlets sued for recordings of the board’s crucial executive session, the trial judge held that the board violated the open meetings law by failing to notify the public about the topics school officials would discuss behind closed doors and then unlawfully crafting its public policy reinstating police officers to local schools.

The board and its legal team fought for months to keep their unlawful shenanigans from the public. The board should have known on its own they were violating Colorado law in that executive session. But, it was malpractice for their counsel, Aaron Thompson, to repeatedly advise the board that they could have policymaking conversations behind closed doors.

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