Fort Collins shooting caught on body camera but police deny request for footage

Fort Collins Coloradoan:  The killing of a man who apparently intended to die at the hands of law enforcement last month marked the first time a Fort Collins police officers’ body-mounted camera captured an officer-involved shooting.

Two of the three Fort Collins officers who fired a burst of shots at a knife-wielding man Aug. 25 had their cameras activated, the footage of which apparently proved to be instrumental in clearing them of any wrongdoing in fatally shooting 63-year-old Jerry Jackson. Officers made “no fewer than 18 commands” ordering Jackson to drop a recently purchased fillet knife before they deployed Tasers and ultimately fired their service weapons, Larimer County District Attorney Cliff Riedel wrote this week in a letter clearing the officers of any wrongdoing.

Fort Collins police on Friday denied a Colorado Open Records Act request the Coloradoan filed seeking footage from the cameras, citing ongoing investigations. Internal affairs and the citizen’s review board are part of the comprehensive investigation that follows officer-involved shootings, and their respective reviews have not yet wrapped up.

“At this time, all of the requested information is pertinent evidence in ongoing investigations,” Chief John Hutto wrote in a response the the Coloradoan’s request. “This agency is interested in pursuing ongoing investigations without compromising them. If we fail to protect this information, the pending investigations could be compromised.”

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