Former teacher at Catholic school accuses administration of censoring student newspaper

The Denver Post: The former newspaper adviser at a Catholic high school in Broomfield says administrators removed her from that role and temporarily halted publication of the paper over a student’s article questioning why girls at the school were no longer allowed to be altar servers.

The edition was printed weeks later without the offending article.

Traci Mumm is speaking out about the December incident at Holy Family High School now that she’s left her job at the private school — where she remained as an English teacher through last spring — and doesn’t feel threatened by potential retaliation.

In a statement provided by the Archdiocese of Denver, Holy Family High Principal Matt Hauptly said the article “was implying” the school was breaking Title IX laws when altar serving is a religious and liturgical function within Catholic Mass that does not fall under federal gender-equity protection.

“Removing an article that falsely accused the school of breaking the law is not censorship,” Hauptly said in the statement. “It is actually a lesson in the responsibility that comes with being a journalist.”

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