Former Fremont Co. sheriff’s captain says he was told to ‘keep quiet’ about inmate’s death

The Pueblo Chieftain: A former Fremont County Sheriff’s Office employee who was told to keep quiet about the death of an inmate at the jail in April 2014 has come forward in the wake of the release of a deposition taken as part of a lawsuit.

Former Fremont County sheriff’s Capt. Don Pinover said at the time of the death of John Patrick Walter, 53, of Florence, it was his responsibility to write and send out press releases for the sheriff’s department.

Pinover said he was told by Fremont County Sheriff Jim Beicker that any inquiries about Walter’s death should be directed to Beicker.

Pinover, who has since resigned from the department, said he thought the request to keep quiet was “unusual.”

Fremont County authorities are being sued in connection with Walter’s death. The attorneys who filed the suit allege Walter died due to withdrawal from prescribed medications.

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