Florence police chief apologizes for failure to produce public record

KRDO: The Florence Police Chief is apologizing after failing to produce a public record requested by 13 Investigates in April.

For weeks, the City of Florence failed to turn over an email sent by Police Chief Shane Prickett. The email was finally produced by the city weeks later after 13 Investigates made three separate requests for an explanation.

If I remember correctly I received 3 separate but similar CORA requests that day just after noon.  [The City Clerk] told me she needed to have them the next day, and I was scheduled to be off that day.  I thought I got everything that was requested, however I missed 2 emails to Linda Stanley.  There was no reason for me to not send them, I just missed them somehow. I apologize for my oversight, and ultimately have no legitimate excuses as to why they were not included.

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