Federal, state judges preview the future of virtual court proceedings, talk about backlog

Colorado Politics: Representatives of Colorado’s federal and state courts came out largely in favor of continued virtual proceedings during a discussion on Friday over the lessons learned by the judiciary from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I recently had a hearing where we did make the hearing available to the public and 100 people called in and listened,” said U.S. Magistrate Judge N. Reid Neureiter. “We probably ought to come to terms with the fact that this regularized use of video teleconferencing and telephonic hearings may make it a lot easier for people to not only get access to our court proceedings, but tape record them, video record them and have them played back elsewhere.”

Neureiter and six other judges participated in a virtual panel from the Colorado Judicial Coordinating Council recapping the changes COVID-19 has catalyzed both publicly in courtrooms and behind closed doors.

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