Federal judge seals ‘sensitive’ photo of Taylor Swift’s alleged groping at Pepsi Center

The Denver Post: A federal judge sealed a photograph that allegedly captures the moment when music superstar Taylor Swift was groped before a 2013 concert by a local radio personality who has since sued the singer for slander.

However, Judge William J. Martinez’s four-page ruling filed Friday denied all other requests by Swift’s attorneys to seal other photos and hundreds of pages of records including descriptions of what the banned photograph illustrates.

Jackson’s ruling said that the motion failed — with one exception — to prove the public’s interest in access to court documents in her case “outweighed, let alone ‘heavily outweighed’” Swift’s narrow private interests.

That one exception was a photograph of a June 2, 2013, encounter at the Pepsi Center prior to a Swift concert that Jackson feared might taint the jury.

“The court will restrict access to the photograph filed as Exhibit 14 to defendants’ motion for summary judgment only because of the potential that widespread media dissemination of this image might significantly complicate jury selection,” Martinez wrote in the ruling.

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