Englewood police won’t release records related to firing of officer

9NEWS (Denver): A now-former Englewood police officer has been charged with abuse of public records and false reporting to authorities, 9Wants to Know has learned.

Both charges are misdemeanors.

Megan Feebeck, 26, was fired from the Englewood Police Department in July 2016.

According to court records, in January 2016, Feebeck “unlawfully and knowingly made a false entry in or falsely altered a public record.” The court records also indicate Feebeck “caused the transmission of a report to law enforcement authorities pretending to furnish information relating to an offense … when the defendant knew that she had no such information or knew the information was false.”

While this sounds confusing – the simple way to interpret the charges is that Feebeck is accused of lying, but none of the available records explain why or about what.

It’s not clear what happened in January that led to Feebeck’s actions because the attorneys for the Englewood Police Department refused to release records connected to the former officer’s employment, discipline and firing.

“Not only do other police departments across the state routinely release disciplinary records about officers, our Supreme Court instructed a sheriff’s office (and others) to disclose as much information as possible concerning internal affairs investigations of peace officers,” said Steven Zansberg, an attorney who specializes in open records requests, and often represents media organizations, including 9NEWS.

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