Emails between Eaton school officials reveal private discussions about coach’s job status

From The Greeley Tribune: Emails between Eaton School District RE-2 school board members and Superintendent Randy Miller reveal a series of discussions board members had — away from the public eye — regarding longtime baseball coach Jim Danley’s job status.

Many of those emails were in direct reference to a 13-point Performance Improvement Plan that Danley has said he won’t sign, as well as Monday’s school board meeting which ultimately could decide the Hall of Fame coach’s fate.

The Colorado Sunshine Law states such discussions about public business should be open to the public at all times.

Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition Executive Director Jeff Roberts said the emailed discussions between board members in regard to the impending vote on Danley’s job status appear to violate the law, especially those emails that appear to show board members already have decided how they will vote on Danley’s contract renewal.

“When they’re discussing a contract, when they’re actually talking about how they’re going to vote on a contract, and they’re doing it just by email, what they’re doing is they’re excluding the public from that discussion,” Roberts said, “especially if they’re making decisions by email. Those decisions are supposed to be made in the open in front of people.”

Roberts said the law is designed to enable the public to witness and be involved in the process before a decision is ultimately made. He added the board does have some wiggle room, as it will still have the chance to incorporate the public while officially reaching a decision Monday.

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