Editorial: Truth and the American press are not ‘enemies of the people’

Aurora Sentinel: We are the people.

In the dangerous, mythical and deliberate alternate reality that President Donald Trump, his regime and supporters are trying to impose on America, the nation has one hope: the press.

Even before he was elected, Trump and his campaign turned to a strategy that has been tried and true by despots in the United States and all over the world by attacking and trying to undermine the messenger, this newspaper and thousands like it across the country.

Using media outlets like Fox News, a growing army of social media trolls and right-wing propaganda websites, the Trump regime is trying to groom Americans for their own nefarious purposes. The Trump regime has provenly and repeatedly outright lied about critical and trivial matters, nearly every day.

It is a treacherous and vile scheme that presents only danger to Aurora, to Colorado, to the nation, and to the world. Trump is trying to sow doubt and hatred for the American press for the sole purpose of controlling the message and manipulating truth, reality, Congress and you. It’s a scheme so fraught with peril that the framers of the Constitution and the nation installed free press rights unlike any in history.

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