Editorial: Treat Dolores parents as school stakeholders

The Durango Herald: Implications of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert’s visit on March 15 to Dolores Secondary School have lingered and intensified, causing hard feelings and brewing distrust with school administrators. Concerned parents demand more transparency.

Not only about the details of Boebert’s visit but a school request through her office to fund a new track and field, and renovate playgrounds, revealed in Colorado Open Records Act documents. The timing of Boebert’s visit and the federal funding application positioned her as more of a guest to please than a representative to take students’ thoughtful questions at a Q&A.

But first things first. Parents asked the school board to shine light on the details in the assembly planning and decision-making; the school’s determination to disallow parents from attending; and, most frustrating, the administration’s refusal to create a real-time Zoom transcript so parents could have observed without participating.

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