Editorial: Transparency needed to protect disabled from mismanagement of services

The Denver Post: Three years have passed since it first became apparent that Colorado’s 20 non-profit providers of care for thousands of individuals with developmental disabilities were vulnerable to mismanagement and graft.

A long-overdue audit of the systems released last week is disheartening.

Colorado Auditor Dianne Ray’s team repeatedly found that individuals weren’t receiving the services required by state and federal law, and in other instances, funds earmarked for supporting disabled individuals living independently in the community were diverted to other programs despite a large wait list.

However, it should also be noted Ray didn’t report any out-right misdeeds, missing money or abuse.

So what do we do now with news that these Community-Centered Boards are falling short of administering nearly $200 million in public funds in adherence with federal and state guidance?

The answer is more oversight from the Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, and more oversight from the public.

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